LibertyID for Small Business is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the increasing risks to small businesses associated with data breaches.

The threat of data breach is disproportionately high for smaller companies. LibertyID for Small Business prepares your organization for a data breach and allows you to focus your attention and expertise on managing the day to day challenges of running your business.

Only LibertyID for Small Business combines fully managed identity theft restoration with pre- and post-breach preparation for small business.

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Employee Identity Theft Restoration
We are the leading provider of identity theft restoration services having restored the identities of thousands of individuals with a 100% success rate, often within 30 days for even the most complicated cases. Should any of your employees (or their spouses, significant others, minor children, or parents) have their identity stolen for any reason we will provide complete restoration of their identity – at no extra charge. Identity theft restoration is a complicated, time consuming, and emotional nightmare. LibertyID for Small Business provides a proven solution of fully managed restoration – we do all the work – allowing your employees to focus on your business and their lives. Our proactive approach to your employees’ security is an affordable solution to a very serious threat.

Business Credential Monitoring
Often the first indication of a data breach is the misuse of a company’s credentials. LibertyID for Small Business engineered a surveillance system that scans the dark web for your company’s more sensitive information. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we monitor – and alert you (via email and SMS text messages) if we detect any unusual “exposure” of your sensitive data. Early identification of exposures allows you to take steps to prevent or mitigate the risk caused by the exposure. Dark web surveillance was the first to detect suspicious activity that led to uncovering the Target™ breach of 2014.

Pre-Breach Planning
A data breach is caused by a criminal act such as theft or hacking, or by human error. The only defense is preparation, planning, and knowledge. Cyber insurance is only a monetary response; it does nothing to help address the fallout and potential reputational damage with your customers. LibertyID for Small Business helps you address breach risks through a comprehensive system designed to prepare your company for a data breach and help defend your data beyond what you can do with software and hardware. Fully 83% of small businesses have no formal data breach or cyber security plan in place, which is frightening when you consider that 2 out of 3 small businesses attacked go out of business within 6 months. We will assist you in setting up a plan that meets state and federal requirements. Should a breach happen – you will be prepared to respond.

Customer Identity Theft Restoration Services
LibertyID for Small Business extends restoration coverage to your customers. Should your company experience a data breach, LibertyID for Small Business will provide our fully managed identity theft restoration and recovery for up to 5,000 of your customers at no additional charge.



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